John Walker AM


John Walker is an international business leader with a remarkable track record in leading and expanding development and private infrastructure projects across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

With over four decades of experience in both public and private sectors, John has played a pivotal role in infrastructure development throughout Asia. His success can be attributed to his exceptional ability to establish strong relationships across corporates, financial institutions, and governments.

Recently retired as Chairman of Macquarie Group of Companies, Korea, and Chairman of Macquarie Capital, Asia, John’s tenure spanned 22 years. Under his leadership, Macquarie Korea became a prominent player in the infrastructure sector, pioneering the development of the private infrastructure industry in Korea. Today, Macquarie stands as one of the largest foreign asset managers and a leading developer of renewable energy assets.

Currently, John focuses on providing advisory services and serving as a Non-Executive Director to investors, corporates, and governments, capitalising on his extensive practical experience. Among a number of Board and Senior Adviser roles in the infrastructure sector, with particular focus on the energy transition in Asia, John is Chairman of KREDO, a leading investor in offshore wind in Korea.