Georgie Skipper


Georgie Skipper is a renowned international relations and geostrategic expert, making a profound impact on foreign policy, trade, and investment across multiple sectors and global regions. With an extensive career spanning the United States, Asia-Pacific, UK, Middle East, and Europe, she advises business and government leaders on geostrategic risks and opportunities, while championing the cause of impact investment.

Currently, as an International Faculty Fellow and Visiting Scholar at MIT Sloan, Georgie focuses on accelerating investment in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in South East Asia, to foster sustainable economic growth. Her work involves mapping investment flows, analysing geopolitical and macroeconomic factors, and conducting qualitative interviews to better understand investor behaviour and decision-making processes. Georgie has co-founded a lab at MIT exploring the nexus between innovation, entrepreneurship and geopolitics, and is a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from international relations to renewable energy and leadership.

Georgie’s rich professional background includes serving as the senior adviser to the Foreign Minister of Australia, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the Australia-US bilateral relationship in the Indo-Pacific. In addition, she contributed significantly to the renewable energy sector as an executive leader at Sun Cable, facilitating the transformation of renewable energy provision in the region. Georgie Skipper’s expertise and passion for impact investment continue to drive positive change and sustainable growth in the global landscape.