Dr Wade Azmy


Dr. Wade Azmy, CEO of ICG Singapore, is a highly accomplished general management professional, known for building profitable organisations in competitive markets worldwide. With experience in marketing, sales, and business development, Dr. Azmy has excelled in countries such as Australia, Japan, China, USA, and the Middle East, building and managing teams across diverse cultures.

In addition to his executive career, Dr. Wade Azmy is a respected management consultant, strategy development mentor, and executive coach on Strategic Leadership. Possessing a profound understanding of market dynamics and organisational leadership, Dr. Azmy provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making, conceptualises plans and successfully implements transformative projects.

Dr. Wade Azmy’s multicultural background allows him to relate to both Eastern and Western cultures, further enhancing his effectiveness as an executive and consultant. His passion lies in facilitating professional growth and empowering businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Driven by a vision for long-term success, he brings strategic thinking, enduring relationships, and a deep commitment to achieving meaningful results in today’s dynamic business landscape.