Dr Sameer Dixit

Dr Sameer Mani Dixit is an intrepid biomedical researcher, proving to the world that preeminent research institutes are not only vital but viable in emerging nations. From his home country in Nepal, Dr Dixit travelled to the US and then Australia to receive a Ph.D. in Science and Health from Western Sydney University. He returned home to a role with Kathmandu University and became determined to establish health and environmental research as a pathway to a brighter future in a country where research was neglected and disease awareness was low. Co-Founding the Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal, Dr Dixit’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him collaborate with the Nepali Government, the World Health Organisation and global research institutes on infectious diseases.

Dr Dixit and his team are shaping national policies with their field and lab-based studies. Holding additional roles as Director of Research across Intrepid Nepal and Nepal Public Health Foundation, Dr Dixit’s guiding light is in pioneering biomedical research that facilitates effective health interventions in Nepal and other developing countries. He is a widely published and recognised expert in human health, One Health, immunology and molecular biology, and is Nepal’s foremost authority on antimicrobial resistance. The Western Sydney University awarded Dr Dixit the International Alumni of the Year in 2017 and today he is looking at setting up a student exchange program with the university. When Dr Dixit is not in the lab, he can be found behind or in front of the film camera. As the co-host of the Good Morning Nepal breakfast show for 3 years, he used his public platform to bring important scientific, political and social issues into the national discourse. A passionate advocate for the role of education in the control and prevention of disease and the betterment of society, Dr Dixit’s ultimate starring role will come when he fulfils his vision is to establish Nepal not only as a hub for natural beauty, but a global centre for science and biotechnology.

“It has been my constant professional quest to understand various infectious diseases and how those impact the local, regional and global population. There can be no better motivation than this.”