Dr Kynan Eng

Dr Kynan Eng is a deep-tech entrepreneur, working at the cutting edge of neuroscience, engineering, and human-computer interaction. As co-founder and CEO of Zurich-based technology startup iniVation, Kynan is a pioneer in commercialising the emerging field of neuromorphic engineering. His company produces ultra-high-performance vision sensors and software for automation, robotics, consumer electronics, and aerospace. iniVation sold the first neuromorphic camera worldwide, and has now delivered products to more than 700 customers. These products have been deployed to over 40 countries around the world, and even reached Antarctica and space.

With a passion for innovation, Kynan has also been involved in several other ventures. He is a co-founder and board member at neuromorphic tech incubator iniLabs, is a co-founder and advisor for digital-health startup QuantActions, and was founding chairman at the neuromorphic processor company SynSense. He has been an instrumental part of the teams raising over $20 million in research and venture funding for these and other ventures. His passion has also seen him acting as an advisor for the healthtech VR company Karuna Labs, and the Educreators Foundation. He engages regularly with the University of Zurich’s Digital Entrepreneurship Centre, and regularly mentors students at his alma mater Monash University. Kynan also co-founded and co-directs the Misha Mahowald Prize for Neuromorphic Engineering, which recognises outstanding research in this field of brain-like computation.

Before moving to Europe, Kynan started his career in Australia. He studied computer science, applied mathematics, and mechanical engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, and as a trainee software engineer, he worked on the testing of a national telecommunications fault management system that was delivered to Telstra. In Switzerland he worked on advanced high-performance gas turbines for ABB/Alstom, before gaining his PhD at the ETH Zurich.

Now a global leader in his field, Kynan’s vision for creating impact at scale through intelligent technology continues to set him apart as a game-changer in the world of deep-tech startups and innovation.

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