Chris Coburn


Chris Coburn is the General Manager of v2food, where he is dedicated to the mission of creating delicious and sustainable plant-based meat. With global meat consumption on the rise, particularly in Asia, and the world’s population approaching 10 billion, the challenge is to meet the demand for meat without resorting to resource-intensive animal farming. v2food, Australia’s leading plant-based meat brand, is the answer to this challenge, offering a sustainable alternative for the future. Chris is based in Singapore, collaborating with the v2food team and partners to introduce plant-based meat to tables worldwide.

In addition to his role at v2food, Chris is the President of AustCham Singapore, a not-for-profit organisation that fosters business connections between Australia and Singapore. With years of experience at Treasury Wine Estates, he has held various roles, including Regional Manager, where he contributed to the company’s vision of becoming the world’s most admired premium wine company. Chris’s multifaceted career spans from wine to sustainable meat, making a notable impact on the food and beverage industry and promoting a sustainable future.