Cathy Chen

As a chef, Cathy has always been passionate about food and the social implications surrounding it. Working under Matt Moran, Kylie Kwong, and Karin Fransson (in Sweden); it was impressed upon her that the quality of produce as well as provenance are aspects that cannot be taken for granted. She was lured to Sweden from Sydney with an exchange scholarship from Western Sydney University to study at Uppsala University and finished her Bachelor degree in Natural Science, specialising in Food Sustainability. 

By day, Cathy is the Space Manager at Impact Hub Stockholm, and by night, she’s a co-founder of a food-tech startup, and currently advising another food-based SME in Stockholm on sustainability. Her first business – handcrafting spoons and butter knives from wood foraged from local urban areas – has been put on hold for the time-being. 

Cathy finds food fascinating. Not only in the context of what we can do with it and how it can be transformed in the kitchen from humble ingredients to an ethereal experience; but also where it comes from, the ethics of how we deal with the end product, the future of food and everything in-between. 

Advance caught up with Cathy in November 2016 to hear about her passion for entrepreneurship, her life in Sweden and how she became interested in sustainability. Click here to read the article.