Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk OAM


Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk OAM is a nanoscientist and inventor intent on busting his brilliance out of the lab and into the world of commercialisation. Bart is addressing health, energy and climate change issues by innovating new technologies. As Chief Technology Officer of H2SG Energy, he has developed an inexpensive and highly efficient device to produce hydrogen from solar energy and water and is currently developing a number of hydrogen projects in China to carbonise transportation and reduce fossil fuel emission. Bart has co-founded three tech startups and three not-for-profit organizations. His philanthropic work exposes students to STEM opportunities and enables participation in policy-making processes.  One of the many activities Bart oversees as part of the Scientists in Residence organization is he holds an annual Indigenous Sustainability Forum where Indigenous Australians share sustainability practices and traditional knowledge with non-Indigenous Australians. Bart encourages DIY science by delivering hands-on activities to educate Australians in areas of sustainability, climate change and technology, he also believes scientists need to engage more with the community.

Bart is an Associate Director with Boston Consulting Group, based in Melbourne. He previously was a Hydrogen Specialist and Chief Scientist at Fortescue Metals Group. This builds on his decade long experience with hydrogen and de-carbonisation projects. Through his broad technical expertise and extensive experience with science outreach, he has advised the UN, UNDP, UNESCO, G20, NATO, OECD, and EU on science, technology, innovation, and policy. He is a Committee Member of IUCN, a Member of the World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders Hydrogen Taskforce, and a Chartered Environmentalist. He has co-authored many policy documents, and appeared in numerous publications, including Forbes Magazine, Business Insider, as well as newspapers and radio stations in the US, Australia, and Poland. Bart holds both a PhD in materials engineering from Monash University, and a PhD in microelectronics. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the Royal Geographic Society, the Explorers Club, Linnean Society of London, and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is an alumnus of Lindau Meetings, a prestigious annual meeting of Nobel Laureates. In the January 2022 Honours, Bart was awarded the Medal of the Order (OAM) for service to science in the field of hydrogen energy.


Finalist for the Sustainability Award 2020
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Winner of the Advance Sustainability Award 2020
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