Alastair Walton


Alastair JM Walton, formerly the Consul-General of Australia to New York, is a distinguished diplomat who has made significant contributions in both government and the private sector. With an extensive background in finance, Walton held prominent roles as Chairman of BKK Partners, Co-Chair and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Australia, and Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking for Credit Suisse in Asia, based in Hong Kong.

Having transitioned into the realm of diplomacy, Walton served as the Consul-General and Senior Trade Commissioner in Houston before his assignment in New York. His expertise and leadership have made a lasting impact in both the financial industry and international relations.

Walton is an alumnus of Columbia University, where he earned his MBA and King’s College London where he recently attained a Masters in War Studies. He also served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Army Reserve. With his diverse experiences and commitment to public service, Walton has garnered respect and admiration as a highly accomplished diplomat and finance professional.