Established in 2012, the Advance Awards recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements and talent of Australians who are making an extraordinary impact on the global stage in industry sectors that are of particular importance to Australia and Australians. 

Every day, somewhere around the world, there are Australians solving important problems, asking complex questions, testing theories, pushing boundaries – and making new and exciting discoveries.

Each year, Advance reaches out via its vast diaspora of global Australians to identify these Australians – the people who are making truly outstanding advances in their field, creating life-changing contributions to the community and in doing so, making an incredible difference to the world.

The achievements and impact of these impressive global Australians is then brought before an eminent panel of judges, with the result – a list of outstanding finalists and worthy Advance Award winners, each reflective of the true spirit of enterprise and selfless contribution that lies at the heart of Australia.

The Advance Awards provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the contribution that our Global Australians are making around the world.

The 2021 Advance Awards winners will be selected from a shortlist of outstanding finalists in relevant industry categories, such as:

  • The Arts
  • Commercial Creatives
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Science and Technology

Additionally, the 2021 Advance Awards will celebrate those winners recognised for their extraordinary achievements in line with the following pinnacle Advance awards:

Global Impact Award – recognising the extraordinary work of an Australian making a positive impact on the world

Advance Alumni Award – recognising the achievements of an international alumnus of an Australian university

Asia Impact Award – recognising an individual making an outstanding contribution in the region

The Emerging Leader Award – recognising an emerging leader making an outstanding contribution

Global Australian of the Year Award – recognising the overall winner of the Advance Awards

Why Partner with the Advance Awards?

Partnering with the 2021 Advance Awards will enable your organisation to:

CONNECT with the community of Global Australians who are working and making a difference, every day, all over the world.

ENGAGE in supporting and championing the endeavours of our Global Australians.

INSPIRE other Australians to achieve more in their fields, by helping to shine a light on the achievements of this year’s celebrated Advance Awards finalists and winners.

CREATE a new, diverse network for your organisation in which you can champion different ideas, foster creativity and innovation.

BUILD greater awareness of your brand and garner a brand relationship with the extensive Advance community.

DEFINE your role as a good corporate citizen, by supporting the work of Global Australians and highlighting the contribution that they are making towards fostering global goodwill.

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If ever there was a time for us to highlight and celebrate the achievements of Global Australians so that we can inspire our next generation of leaders, this is it. Together we can continue to deliver the services that Australia needs now more than ever and celebrate the achievements of our remarkable Australian leaders on the global stage.

We’d love to have your support for the 2021 Advance Awards! 

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