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 The Global Australian Foundation - Advancing our nation's culture and education, while providing benefit to the Australian public




Established in June 2024, The Global Australian Foundation’s mission is to advance Australia’s culture and education, while providing benefit to the Australian public by:

  • promoting culturally significant works globally
  • supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged Australian artists through artistic development, audience development and industry development.
  • working with government at all levels to ensure that the interests of Australia’s diaspora community are represented in regard to the public decision-making process
  • providing a free forum for all people in the diaspora community to be engaged, discuss best practice and share knowledge to enhance the future of Australian culture


The Global Australian Foundation brings together 70,000 members and our partners to raise funds to increase access to and participation in global opportunities. The Foundation is supported by a number of dedicated and passionate individuals and corporate partners including some of Australia’s most loved and recognised brands and businesses. 


By doing so, we not only will we deliver life changing opportunities to Australian artists who are disadvantaged – we are also:

  • Strengthening the international profile, reputation, influence, and capability of the Australian cultural and creative sector
  • Increasing the discoverability, access, distribution and consumption of Australian cultural and creative content internationally
  • Building the capability of artists to operate successfully in international contexts
  • Delivering strong and purposeful advocacy for artists, and creative and market opportunities that create value
  • Activating borderless thinking to build reciprocal and multilateral partnerships across industries and regions including the Asia Pacific
  • Enabling knowledge and skills exchange, as well as dialogues between Australian and their peers across the world
  • Engaging impactfully and meaningfully with diaspora communities across the world
  • Fostering people-to-people connections and creating opportunities for all Australians regardless of their cultural, physical, economical and geographical background.