Tuning in: how composer Anthony Leigh Dunstan is pushing music boundaries

Anthony Leigh Dunstan’s life has always revolved around music. He’s a composer and a classical music writer at Primephonic  – aa Amsterdam-based streaming service designed for classical music. His artistic talent comes from his devotion and hard work in pursuing a music career. He’s also been influenced by his family whose passion for music is no less than Anthony’s – his mum plays piano and sings and his dad being an amateur trombonist.

The Aussie chef adding finesse to Dutch cuisine: Alex Haupt

“It’s strange to say but a kitchen/restaurant is where I am most comfortable and where I am happiest.” It’s a genuine revelation and makes sense of how Alex Haupt landed a career in hospitality as the chef-patron of 101 Gowrie, an emerging fine dining hotspot in Amsterdam.

Susan Perry: There is something special about riding your bike along the beautiful canals. It’s such a great way to commute – especially as it’s so flat!

Susan Perry is one of the many audacious global Aussies with an adventurous spirit. After a two-year entrepreneurial journey, Susan made a return to corporate life with fresh perspectives and new skills and subsequently joined as Global Head of Marketing for BookingSuite. She is based out of Amsterdam in the headquarters of the global travel fare company.

Lotte Haverman: at the forefront of protecting children’s mental wellbeing

Dr Lotte Haverman wears many hats – clinician-scientist, child psychologist and researcher. Based at Amsterdam’s Emma Children’s Hospital, Lotte plays a vital role in supporting children’s mental wellbeing as a child psychologist helping children and families to cope and accept medical diagnosis, as well as providing treatment for trauma, depression and anxiety related to their medical conditions.