Don’t be worried about meeting locals when you return. Here are some low-stress, friendly ways to meet a lot of people quickly.

Aussie Expats Coming Home – FB group and member-led walks/coffee meetups with like-minded returned expats.

CanToo – train for a run, ocean swim, hike or triathlon with a diverse group of locals (over 2-3 months).

ParkRun – A weekly run/walk of 5km with locals, at hundreds of locations.

Bookclubs – Ask your local independent bookstore or council library.

Adult classes – From Mahjong to Ukelele to Spanish, undertake a short course at your local community center (courses range from ½ day, to weekly classes over 3 months)

Choir – Join a local singing group – proven to lift your spirit!

Volunteer – Get acquainted with your local community by helping out. Lots of rewarding positions require no specific skills, and some are short-term roles / one-off events.

Meetups – The ultimate assortment of local groups across social and professional topics