Zhengrong Shi

Dr Zhengrong Shi is the Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Strategy Officer of Suntech. Prior to founding Suntech in 2001, he was a Research Director and Executive Director of Pacific Solar Pty. Ltd., an Australian PV company engaged in the commercialisation of next-generation thin film technology.

In 2010, he was honoured as a finalist in the Zayed Future Energy Prize for extraordinary accomplishments that reflect innovation, long-term vision and leadership in renewable energy and sustainability.

In 2007, Zhengrong was named as one of the “50 people who could save the planet” by the Guardian, and was voted by TIME as a Hero of the Environment, an annual list that celebrates the most innovative and influential protectors of the planet. In 2008, he received the Fortune Magazine Asia Businessman of Year award. In 2009, he was on Business Week’s “China’s Most Powerful People” list.

Suntech continues to be recognised for its exemplary environmental and sustainability standards including by the 2011 Murphy & Spitz Global Leader Award at the World Economic Forum and in 2012 in the MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies.