Tamiru Kawashima

Tamiru Kawashima
The University of Sydney

Born in Japan and having lived in the Philippines, New Zealand and now Australia, whilst recurringly visiting family in India and Japan, Tamiru witnessed various degrees of development from a young age. His experiences informed a fascination with the built environment encouraging him to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours)/Bachelor of Design in Architecture double degree at The University of Sydney.

Whilst studying, he has had the opportunity to work within a variety of organisations including a real estate agency, architectural design firm, a leading property and construction group, and now a client-side project management consultancy, in addition to an international humanitarian engineering program. His diverse experiences have exposed him to various aspects in the construction and built environment industry in a range of settings and has provided him ample context for his studies.

Complimenting his diverse personal and professional background, Tamiru is a driven and highly motivated young professional intrigued by the impact and various complexities surrounding the built environment sector. He is a strong advocate of the importance of this industry globally – not only because of its economic and social implications but particularly due to its environmental impact, especially with the growing urgency surrounding global warming.