Talina Neal

“Mentoring can be a fruitful learning experience for both mentors and mentees”

Talina is in the final semester of a Bachelor of Business-Management degree at the University of Newcastle Callaghan.

Talina has a passion for education and learning. She believes that leadership, industry networking and relationship cultivation are essential skills, which she hopes to develop. She has an interest in studying the critical role of native title in the future of mining exports, climate change and Australia’s Carbon Tax, and how this affects Australia globally as a minerals export competitor. She is eager to see how and what the mining sector chooses to compromise in order to remain responsible but also competitive.

Her goal is to gain valuable knowledge and show her potential, not only as a management professional, but also as a valuable member of society who contributes on a local and global scale.

Talina intends to complete a ‘Master of Mining Engineering’ specialising in mining management at UNSW in 2015.