Sumudu Perera

My name is Sumudu Perera, a final year Doctor of Medicine candidate (UoM), with a background in a Bachelor of Biomedicine, Majoring in Neuroscience. My interests and passions lie in the intersection between medicine, engineering innovation, and public health, particularly within neuroscience innovation and the search for methods by which people can live longer while having an optimal quality of life.

I was attracted to this area of interest through a deep fascination of how the body works at a granular level, alongside a broader system level interest into the health policy, financial and social implications of ageing populations and health innovations aiming to advance humanity.

I firmly believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a degree, trying not to be confined within a degree’s boundaries, but rather explore what may be possible with the skills and knowledge learned in tow such that the largest impact may be created.

My experiences presently extend through a variety of areas including:

  1. Scientific Innovation/Engineering
  2. Business
  3. Public Health/Medicine