Shae Duncan

Shae is in her final year at Notre Dame University and through her studies has discovered the areas in her degree that excites her the most; strategic planning, digital marketing and project management. 

She recently completed her internship at McCann Sydney, and is a diligent, hard-working and creative person with a bubbly and outgoing personality.

Describe in 200 words or less why you should be selected to participate in the Advance Global Australian Mentoring Program

I believe I have a special flair to think creatively, outside the box and process problems in a unique way to find the perfect solution to a brief. As a final year student I have started interning in the advertising industry and have found the experience to be intimidating. To be part of the mentoring program would give me the guidance and confidence to develop my own ideas and solutions needed in the creative industry. As I believe I have all the qualities, with the right guidance and support I could do really great things. I’ve done some research on the mentoring program and it has brought strength, leadership and self-assurance to many young individuals like myself. I’m a keen learner, listener and very ambitious person, eventually i would love to open my own advertising agency that focuses on marketing in ethical, environmentally sustainable ways. I believe the mentoring program could give me the push in the right direction.

In 200 words or less, what are the top three issues or priority areas you believe a mentor could assist you with over the next 12 months?

1. Self-belief: the creative industry can be an intimidating industry to venture into as a new graduate. I believe the mentoring program would give me the guidance I need to believe that I personally have what it takes to speak up and give my valuable input in a company/business situation.

2. Focus on the big picture: from previous mentees statements it is obvious that the program gets the individual to think globally and on an efficient level to see prosperity. With wanting to own my own creative business in the future I would love to focus on these skills, as I feel that being globally conscious in terms of CSR and business relations is imperative for success and change in the business world.

3. Knowledge: to learn and brainstorm with one of the mentoring winners, would be such an amazing opportunity that I would be forever grateful of. Being a mature age student (27) and studying at university made me truly appreciate my lecturers and mentors at Notre Dame. I can anticipate the same encouragement, knowledge, wisdom that comes from the mentoring program and am hopeful I get to experience this.

I would LOVE assistance on corporate social responsibility and what that means for the creative/business world in terms of relationships and day-to-day business.

Is there a specific project or topic that you would like assistance with, and if so please state the title and a brief description.

I would also love general advice/assistance on the advertising/marketing industry.

Describe your personal interests. What activities or hobbies do you get involved with?

I’m a keen snow skiing enthusiast and have been around the world with my passion. I also have a passion for travelling, exploring different cultures, people, food and experiences.

Have you had any work or voluntary work experience? 

I volunteered with the Notre Dame homeless feed in Redfern, Sydney. This included helping with putting on a breakfast BBQ and tea and coffee for the homeless in the community. This was a challenging but humbling experience. I would definitely love to do more community work in the future, perhaps focusing on the Children’s hospital (as I’m a fantastic face painter).