Pete Ceglinski


Surfer and industrial designer Pete Ceglinski has been around the ocean his entire life and in 2014, with the mission to have pollution free oceans for future generations, he started the Seabin Project – a revolution to clean up our oceans’ pollution through a floating rubbish bin designed to catch rubbish, oil, fuel, detergent and micro plastics down to 2mm in size operating 24/7. The project started in Mallorca, Spain’s Western Mediterranean – the hub of Europe’s marine industry. Designed for marinas, ports and yacht clubs because of their calm environments and available services and through a pilot partner program combined with a pre-sale campaign, the Seabin has now been installed in more than 16 countries, with more than 50 marinas investing in the technology. Ceglinski has a background in product design (he was making injection-moulded plastics as a product designer until he realised the products being made weren’t able to be repaired and were designed to be thrown away), Ceglinski also has 10 years of high-end yacht building experience. Seabin had a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 which raised more than USD$260,000 and then received USD$500,000 incubator funding through in mid-2017 with Seabin being second-highest funded among the 10 finalists, selected from 700 applicants.

Check out Pete Ceglinski talking about the Seabin Project here.

Winner of the Advance Sustainability Award for 2018
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