Paul Newbury

“I recognise there is no substitute for applied learning either through ‘doing’ or from the stories of those who have”

Paul is in the final semester of a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Queensland. He is passionate and committed to expediting the electrification of developing countries.

The World Bank and UNDP have initiated the ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ program to achieve universal access to modern energy services by 2030. Paul believes Australian companies are well placed to be at the forefront of this energy revolution and he is keen to explore how these opportunities may be pursued. His goal is to explore and better understand the various strategies, business models, financing options and operational approaches applied to pursue opportunities existing in Australia, Asia Pacific and further afield.

Paul has played competitive sports all of his life and this association with competitive team sports has taught him the value of team roles. He believes it is better to be part of a champion team than a team of champions.

In his desire to expand his research in clean technology, Paul left his successful employment with ENERGEX Ltd. to spend 2012 as a visiting PhD scholar at the University of Cambridge and INSEAD. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge, and is currently working part-time as a Research Assistant at the University of Queensland.