Nicole Iseppi

Nicole Iseppi is an award-winning sustainable development adviser and the Director of Global Energy Innovation at the Bezos Earth Fund. Nicole was previously at ENGIE, a leading global energy company, for over 12 years where she was a Senior Executive Advisor and Managing Director for Operations & Performance for Global Transformation. Before ENGIE, Nicole was a Senior Advisor and Project Manager for Global Energy Infrastructure at Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). During Nicole’s time in Japan, she was also appointed as adviser and coordinator for the creation of the green financial institution, Japan Carbon Finance (JCF), launched by the Japanese Ministry of Finance. Nicole has previously been appointed both by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to co-lead a global renewable initiative for the industry and as a member of the Management Committee of Terrawatt Initiative (TWI), an independent global non-profit foundation established from the COP21 Paris Agreement.

Ms Iseppi is a proud Australian who has worked internationally at the forefront of the global energy sector for more than 20 years. Born and raised in Melbourne, she had the rare opportunity to be the first female foreigner directly employed as an in-house adviser to Japan Bank for International Cooperation, one of the world’s largest project finance lenders. As well as project managing global infrastructure investments, she was appointed as the lead adviser to establish and implement, on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Finance, a new green financial institution called “Japan Carbon Finance”. In the years since, Ms Iseppi has been appointed by the International Renewable Energy Agency to co-lead the design and implementation of global renewable programs and was appointed Project Director for the Terrawatt Initiative, created out of the COP21 Paris Agreement. She serves on various industry advisory committees and has been awarded various global energy and finance awards including most recently being named: International Energy & Natural Resource Adviser of the Year (Global List – 2020); Renewable Energy Professional of the Year 2020 (Corporate Innovation & Excellence Global Awards); Most Influential Leader in Energy Infrastructure Advisory Services 2020; Europe Senior Executive Adviser of the Year 2020, and; among the Top Global Transformational Women Leaders 2020.

“Access to energy plays a vital role in all communities and economies, around the globe.  As an active problem solver, I am a strong advocate for accelerating solutions for global energy & industry transition. As the future will be a new “3D World”.  That is, a future based on more “Decentralised” activities; increased focused on “Decarbonisation” and the importance to accelerate scale up of climate resilient investments to achieve a net zero trajectory and a more “Digitalised” future society. The speed of change is accelerating and one needs, more than ever, to be actively part of accelerating such further progress.  I find such challenges and opportunities for the benefit of the wider community, extremely rewarding.  We have so many exciting opportunities ahead and the best way to address global clean energy needs, is to accelerate action and collaborate by pushing the boundaries further of what is possible and the ability to innovate more (at all levels of the value chain) – to achieve more efficiency and a more sustainable quality of life for both our current and future generations”