Nellie Buckley

Degree Course: Doctor of Philosophy – Exercise Physiology

University: Southern Cross University

Mentorship Category: Technology Innovation

I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, an allied health professional prescribing exercise as medicine. My particular interest is in women’s health, with a passion for pregnancy and postnatal care.

My PhD research investigated the safe and dependable lifting capacity of pregnant and postnatal women and the factors that influence it.

Currently, I am teaching at Southern Cross University inspiring the next generation of exercise physiologists. While I also lecture, the most enjoyable part of my job is supervising our students in practice at the SCU Health Clinic. Watching my fellow community members being positively influenced and empowered by our services is a great privilege. 

Describe in 200 words or less why you should be selected to participate in the Advance Global Australian Mentoring Program

My enthusiasm for whatever I am doing in life is commended by so many of those that know me. I live consciously, meaning an Advance Global Australian mentorship would most certainly positively impact my future. I am always looking to improve. Regardless of how efficient and effective I think I am today, I believe there is a better way for tomorrow waiting to be identified. I believe the Advance Global Australian award winners will share my passion for finding a better way and could share invaluable experience in implementing innovation. Additionally, I am generous with my knowledge. So this experience would not just benefit myself but also my community. I would use my new skills in service to my local community, in my clinical practice and in my role educating university students and health professionals.

In 200 words or less, what are the top three issues or priority areas you believe a mentor could assist you with over the next 12 months?

I want to be bold and confident in my knowledge when presenting to persons I have great respect for but whom I view as more highly qualified than myself, for example GPs and obstetricians.

I want to be able to present my knowledge and expertise in a way that captivates people and which compels them to action.

I want to develop a digital profile and education package that will enable me to share my expertise and passion with a national and international audience.

Is there a specific project or topic that you would like assistance with, and if so please state the title and a brief description.

My research is in pregnancy and physical activity and I am an accredited exercise physiologist. I would like to develop an educational program for GPs, obstetricians and midwives to update their awareness of the evidence-based practice in pregnancy and physical activity. I want to develop this educational experience in a way that will also facilitate my learning as a result of interactions with these highly qualified and experienced individuals.

Describe your personal interests. What activities or hobbies do you get involved with?

I am an encourager. I enjoy assisting others to achieve their goals. I enjoy problem solving and love getting my hands dirty. I find joy in any physical activity, but enjoy being outdoors most. 

Have you had any work or voluntary work experience? 

Throughout my postgraduate studies, I have taught in biomechanics, statistics and exercise prescription for specific populations undergraduate units. I have also taught Applied and Professional Practice units in the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology. (Southern Cross University, School of Health and Humans Sciences, July 2008 to present)

I collected my PhD data at the Lismore Base Hospital antenatal clinic, and developed invaluable relationships with the midwives there. (January-November 2013)

I have served my professional association, , by volunteering on the NSW State Chapter (November 2010-present), the National Rural and Remote Committee (2010-2014) and the Constitutional Change Committee (2013). 

Most recently, I have been elected Chair of the Lismore City Council’s South East Community Planning Panel. The community planning project is undertaken using the Asset Based Community Development approach. Our grant application to launch the community plan with a movie and dinner night has just been approved. (February 2015-present)

Is there any other information you believe is relevant to this application?

I am American by birth and Australian by choice. My interest is global experiences developed when I was in high school. I travelled to Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands, all before I graduated in 2000. I moved to Australia in 2001 in pursuit of my university education and now consider it home. I marvel at the new technologies available that make the world seem like such a small place. The potential of having a global impact is certainly a reality now. I see this as a great privilege as I remember a time when these opportunities simply were not possible.