Larry Marshall


Dr Larry Marshall is a scientist, technology innovator and business leader with a wealth of experience in creating new value and impact with science. Larry has spent the last eight years of his career as Chief Executive of CSIRO, a position he will be stepping down from in June 2023. CSIRO solves Australia’s greatest challenges, turning excellent science into a profound impact in partnership with industry, government, universities and the community.

Born and raised in Sydney, Larry received his PhD in physics at Macquarie University before leaving Australia in 1988. He began his career in the USA where he pioneered a new field in semiconductor lasers and non-Linear optics most notably creating the eyesafe laser which enabled wide use of lasers without eye hazard, and a Newhouse generation of optical parametric oscillators creating tuneable solid state green, blue, and UV laser sources. He created the first solid-state ophthalmic laser curing blindness in diabetics and enabled his first IPO in 1996. He worked closely with his PhD examiner at Stanford, licensing several technologies and spinning out ventures from their prestigious labs.

For more than a decade, Larry has tried to crack Australia’s innovation dilemma, using his role at CSIRO to drive change within the innovation ecosystem, and to lead by example. Prior to joining CSIRO, Larry had 25 years’ experience as an international technology entrepreneur. He has over 100 peer reviewed publications and conference papers, holds 20 patents, has founded six successful United States companies, and has served on 20 boards of high tech companies operating in the US, Australia and China. He is also a member of the Champions of Change Coalition committed to tackling gender equality.

Larry has been a passionate supporter of Australian innovation since the 90s, and has helped both sides of government to improve Australia’s innovation performance, including giving up his career in the US to take up the leadership of CSIRO which he believes is the fulcrum to pivot Australia’s economy. He has been a generous supporter of Advance over the last 15 years, including serving previously as a Director of Advance and a facilitator of many Advance events.

Check out Larry on the panel “Australia –Are We Innovating or Stagnating?” at the 2016 Advance Global Australian Summit and the panel “The Next Big Wave: Directions for Australian Innovation” at the 2015 Advance Global Australian Summit.