Julie Hardinge

Julie knows what it’s like to be a global Australian. 

Educated in Australia, Julie had resided in South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Japan, England, France, Canada and now permanently in the United States. 

Based in Los Angeles after a long stint in New York, Julie has immersed herself in the Australian community and helped to form a strong connection between Australia and each of the countries she has resided in. 

Her motto of “connecting the dots” and ensuring that all Australians are rewarded, recognised, connected and mentored wherever they live has been a lifelong pursuit. Whether working in the private sector, not-for-profit or Government, her continued belief in the enduring leadership, innovation and creativity of Australians globally is what drives her. 

Now residing in Los Angeles, the new incubator of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship for the next generation, Julie works closely with the Australian community and the next generation of Australian Global Leaders.