Jillian Kenny

“My passion is to make education accessible and valuable to everyone”

Jillian is in the final semester of a Doctor of Philosophy at Queensland University of Technology.

She passionately believes that action is the only thing that impacts reality. Inspiring young people about the relevance of math and science to their future careers is her passion. Her goal is to make education accessible and valuable to everyone.

With this passion she has impacted reality as Founding Director of Machinam; Co-Founder of the non-profit organisation Power of Engineering, Inc.; and Licensee of TEDxKurilpa. She has won the Deloitte 60-second pitching competition and was featured in ‘U on Sunday’ magazine for Mach Book Power of Engineering, Inc. She also volunteers and coaches people who are developing community projects.

Jillian previously completed a BEng (Civil) Degree.