Jessica Michaels


Jessica Michaels is a business builder, marketer and c-suite executive who has lived in the UK and USA since 1999. Jessica is known for building and launching brands across the media, entertainment, lifestyle and technology industries. She has been named Marketing Innovator of the Year, is a guest lecturer at The University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and advises CEO’s, CMO’s, CXO’s on brand and product strategy, e-comm and emerging media trends. She mentors women interested in entering into or taking a leadership role in the branding, design and advertising industries and is a member of a network of women who are trying to increase female representation in both leadership and BoD roles. Jessica is currently the CEO and Founder of BreadnButter, a Seattle based brand development venture that works with many of the world’s leading edge companies and organizations including Amazon, Microsoft, DirectTV, Facebook, LVMH, T-Mobile, F5, Procter & Gamble, Xbox, Gates Ventures, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more.