Derek Buckmaster


Derek is the General Manager for R&D Materials at WarpForge. Wrapforge is making groundbreaking discoveries and breakthroughs in material science. Prior to WarpForge Derek was the Director for Carbon Nexus at Deakin University, in its unique $34m carbon fibre research facility. Breaking new ground in industrial-scale carbon fibre research and supporting the growth of new carbon fibre-based high-tech firms in Australia, Carbon Nexus is not only Australia’s cutting-edge carbon fibre research facility but one of the world’s leading centres in this field. Carbon fibre is a strong lightweight material used in manufacturing a diverse range of products from Formula 1 racing cars and high-performance bikes to custom musical instruments. The research at Carbon Nexus is aimed at reducing the cost of carbon fibre materials to make it available to use a broader range of everyday products. Derek has long experience in the composites, plastics, petrochemicals and automotive sectors. Prior to working with Deakin, he worked with the Performance Chemicals business of SABIC where he led their carbon fibre project, among other new business developments. He spent 19 years with GE Plastics in various roles including marketing, product development, application technology, sales, information technology and Six Sigma. Derek has worked in numerous countries including China (2 years), Japan, Singapore, The Netherlands (7 years), Saudi Arabia (2 years) and the United States.

Winner of the Advanced Manufacturing Award for 2018
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