Dr David Pender

Advance Awards Science and Technology Category Finalist

A manufacturing revolutionary, Dr David Pender has designed and run some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. He has started them up, debugged them and brought them to full capacity. David brings his unique background of high-tech knowledge mixed with lean methodology and pragmatic leadership to ensure the technical success of these high-tech start-up factories. Combining technical know-how with astute people management skills, he brings out the best in organisations and businesses attempting to cross the chasm to advanced manufacturing. As Vice President of SageGlass, the dynamic glass arm of Saint-Gobain, David manages the world’s most innovative and high-tech electrochromic glass facility. In producing glass for buildings that connects occupants to the outdoors, the team notes increases in occupant productivity, well-being and general happiness, whilst reducing energy costs and improving building sustainability.

Dr David Pender grew up in Sydney. He completed his undergraduate studies in Ceramic Engineering at UNSW as a Coop Scholar graduating with first-class honours, and worked at CSIRO and ANSTO before obtaining a Masters and Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut, USA in the field of Advanced Ceramics Processing. He worked at GE’s Corporate R&D labs in upstate New York, before moving to Germany, joining the world’s largest building materials company, Saint-Gobain. He produced electrochromic coated glass: glass that tints on demand, for Ferrari. He then moved into the Solar field, first designing and then running large thin film CIS solar module production facilities in Eastern Germany for Avancis. David has devoted his time to develop the teams needed to work in this environment, working with the local community college to develop an apprenticeship program as well as developing an in-house training program to meet the needs of Sage’s team members.