Courtney Patching

Bachelor of Communications
Griffith University

I applied for the Advance Global Australian Awards Mentoring Program because I was able to work closely with Advance for a few months and I became well aware of how exciting and innovative this project was.  As I am in the last year of my university studies I could definitely see the benefits of having a mentor, especially for future work in the creative industries which can be very difficult and competitive to break into.

I’m most looking forward to developing a relationship with my mentor, who will hopefully be able to guide me through the first few months of my career.  Being a part of the mentoring program in itself is such an honour, and to find out that my mentor will be working closely with me is just so exciting!

I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people who attended the awards most of all.  Other mentees and mentors were such a delight to talk to, it really gave me insight into how wonderful our Australian expatriate community really is.