Briege Whitehead

Briege is in the final semester of a Masters of Professional Communications at Edith Cowen University.

Her greatest passion lies within the creativity of various media. She loves the power it has over people on a large scale, down to inspiring one individual.

She has travelled extensively since she was 16 – to the UK, Ireland, Paris, Asia, America and Canada, living in Toronto for the better part of 2012.

She has interned with Blaze Productions and constructed and designed major projects with Dawn Kusima, including a National Cineplex ‘Face2Face’ Proposal where celebrities are invited to skype into cinema’s & speak to audiences. She also was Co-creator and Designer of the Canada’s post-Winter Olypmic’s international presentation, which toured Europe & beyond.

Since her completion in 2013 of her four year double Bachelor of Arts degrees, Briege assisted in running the Hayman Theatre – stage-managing, lighting/designing, and directing her own and other’s shows. She would like to have constant feedback on her professional practices, and wants advice on entrepreneurship and leadership skills.