PROFESSOR Anne Bamford

Professor Anne Bamford is a global innovator in education, and a celebrated thought-leader when it comes to the future working world. Originally from Australia, Professor Bamford is currently the Strategic Director of the Education and Skills for the City of London. She is recognised internationally for her research in creativity, lifelong learning and technology. She coined the phrase ‘fusion skills’ to represent the myriad of capabilities required for leadership of the future. Professor Bamford’s work crosses all demographics, inspiring children, teachers, and global business leaders. As a child she found learning quite difficult until a Grade 5 teacher introduced her to alternative learning practices, allowing the young Professor Bamford not only to thrive but to aspire to become a teacher herself. Her practical classroom experience has led Professor Bamford to assert the need for rapid change in education to meet our rapidly changing world.

Professor Bamford is an expert in the international dimension of education and through her research, she has pursued issues of creativity, innovation, social impact and equity and diversity. She is a world scholar for UNESCO and has conducted major national impact and evaluation studies for the governments of Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Hong Kong, Ireland and Norway. Amongst her numerous articles and book chapters, Professor Bamford is the author of the “Wow Factor: Global research compendium on the impact of the arts in education” which has been published in five languages and distributed in more than 40 countries. She has won a number of educational awards including for Best Educational Research, the National Teaching Award and was a runner-up in the British Female Innovator of the Year award. Professor Bamford is a Freeman of the Guild of Educators and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

“Learning is about becoming ourselves. We are not just what we know and can do, but also what we are willing to learn.”