Aidan Slack

Aidan Slack is completing his penultimate year in the inaugural cohort of BSc Advanced-Global Challenges (Honours) at Monash University, Melbourne. Majoring in Chemistry, his studies have involved him engaging in leadership, entrepreneurship, science in policy and commercialisation. Particularly passionate about science communication and engagement, Aidan wants to encourage dialogue between industry and research. In his eyes, communication is instrumental to ensuring problems can be broken down to create impactful solutions. Aidan wants to assist science to achieve the unmet needs of business while collaborating more effectively with the wider community.

Fascinated by the complexities of the global world, Aidan is a fervent traveller and photographer. He finds travelling a unique opportunity to experience cultures and understand more about different societies. Not only travelling for personal enjoyment, Aidan has been a part of the Pollinate Energy Fellowship in India to understand more about social enterprise and work on a project to empower the urban poor through entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he has undertaken an internship for d3 Medicine where he gained invaluable insight into the complexities of business in the pharmaceutical industry. He was a participant in PwC’s STEM Academy program in 2016 which helped him understand the impact STEM can have on the community.

Back home, Aidan is a volunteer with Orange Sky Laundry, the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the disadvantaged. He was a representative on the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee for the Monash University Faculty of Science last year and continues to engage with the faculty to improve student outcomes and organise events. Aidan assists newly arrived immigrants to achieve their full potential at school through his role at Embrace Education. He values the importance of education and would like to ensure that he can engage and empower individuals to continue their studies.