Abdul Wahab Vohra

Degree Course: Master of Engineering

University: University of Technology Sydney

Describe in 200 words or less why you should be selected to participate in the Advance Global Australian Mentoring Program

One of my key interest is activism, I am proud to be involved with sustainability, which serves as a basic necessity for a safer living environment. In hopes to learn more about sustainability, I had the opportunity to take subjects such as Professional Practise Preparation with Seymour Maddison. I was greatly moved by the highlights of the UTS master plan which delivered well on renewable, energy efficient and sustainable design.

Furthermore, it inspired me to pursue aPostgrad degree in Engineering tailored to my interest in energy, environment and mechanical design. My course also incorporated field trips of natural habitats and spreading awareness on areas that could be made more eco-sustainable. I have also been fortunate to work with UTS Motorsports on their first all-electric hybrid car as an Ergonomic and Design Engineer. 

I hope to stay engaged with University of Technology Sydney in future; with a perspective that is more aligned and guided with the feedback and improvements in the next 12 months as a mentee. It would be also be an amazing experience to be professionally mentored for the first time in my academic and work period, thus enabling me to inspire others and give back to the City of Sydney for all the opportunities it has presented.

In 200 words or less, what are the top three issues or priority areas you believe a mentor could assist you with over the next 12 months?

Awards mentoring program is comparable to being a child being taught about the do’s and don’ts but at a more professional level. It would be a step change for my learning and growth. I would also like the result of my participation in Advance Mentoring Program to bring about happiness, a change of perspective and social responsibility. 

Over the two years that I have been studying at UTS, I had the opportunity to work with various teams. I personally found it a steep learning curve to be working in an Australian workplace environment. Nevertheless, I find myself continuously trying to improve in order to have a better cultural fit. 

I believe by being mentored, I would be able to better communicate and present myself. This would help me gain confidence, clarity and spread my passion with an ease of a constructive dialogue. 

Is there a specific project or topic that you would like assistance with, and if so please state the title and a brief description.

At this stage where I am seeking to dwell in a career pathway based on sustainability and green practices. I want to develop this educational experience in a way which will also facilitate my learning from interactions with these highly qualified and experienced individuals.

Describe your personal interests. What activities or hobbies do you get involved with?

As a kid I used to quite enjoy flying kites, and was ever too fond of dreaming about RC planes, of course in those days they were quite a luxury. So I picked up a fascination with wheels, whether be skate boarding or cycling. Whilst also being handy with tools and helping my dad to fix car and my bicycle over the weekends. 

This led to an amazing volunteering position as a Bike tech on a 200 km charity & donation ride with Sydney Ride to Conquer Cancer last year. I also encourage cycling as more sustainable means of commuting. 

Have you had any work or voluntary work experience? 

Invited as a “Matching Grants” speaker on innovative solutions organized by City of Sydney and assisted in promotions for the launch of Sydney Rides Festival 2015. Successful completed the 2014 Univative Team Project also hosted by City of Sydney on behalf of Dentsu Aegis Network.

Participated for the City2Surf 2015, and had a great afternoon with team University of Technology Sydney, UTS which had once again taken out first place in the Mixed Open Category, winning by almost 15 minutes!

I have been volunteering with Australian Redcross; ANZAC Day Candlelit & Young Humanitarian March. Activist with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, AYCC; the People’s Climate March (21.09.2014) to spread the concern for preservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

Volunteered as a sports administrator for the Eastern Australian UNI Games 2014, and assisted with Ultimate Frisbee, Squash and Touch Rugby in Newcastle. Received donations and volunteered for the Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer 2014, ‘Vision Crusaders’ team for benefiting the Chris O’ Brien Lifehouse,  a cancer research and treatment facility.

Participated for the UTS Public Speaking Boot Camp by Linton Chalmers, while pro-actively volunteering for the BUiLD Leadership camp and representing student experiences at the Orientation for Postgrad students as a Peer Networker – 2014 & 2015.

Working as a casual Academic Consultant and a Technical Engineer at Zamtas manufacturing, Automation and Energy Efficient Light (LEDs), complimented with work experience in Design and development teams. I have been also fortunate to undertake internship programs at leading multi-national companies i.e. GlaxoSmithKline, Akzonobel, Hino Motors, Indus Motors, Alstom & Siemens.

Nonetheless, managing an effective work and study balance has helped me in securing an Academic Awards Scholarship at UTS in spring 2014. 

Is there any other information you believe is relevant to this application?

I would like to credit my role models: Seb Crawford, acting as the Sustainability coordinator at UTS, took some great initiatives, such as recycling, renewable energy, and open roof tops to drive sustainability at UTS.

Prof. Peter Pastars Manager Commercial Development UTS, for being an inspiring lecturer and a successful entrepreneur; he saved a lot of his client businesses from going broke.