Chairman of the Yasmin Allen has announced the appointment of Doug Ferguson, NSW Chairman KPMG, as a non-executive director. is the only organisation that connects Australians living and working overseas back to Australia, since 2001. 

“We are delighted to have Doug’s perspective and experience, especially as moves to strengthen relationships with Australian expats and alumni of Australian universities, and students overseas, to benefit Australia,” said Yasmin Allen. 

Ferguson spent more than a decade in Asia, based in Beijing and Hong Kong with KPMG leading acquisition and due diligence engagements across China for global clients. 

He is currently Chairman of KPMG in NSW and Partner in Charge of Asia and International Markets for KPMG with responsibility for advising and supporting Asian and Australian clients. 

Allen said that Doug Ferguson would provide valuable insights and connections as explored new ways to connect Australian companies looking to expand globally, with expats working in global markets. 

“I can’t think of anyone better positioned to inform our effort to actively support the growth of Australian entrepreneurs and to provide fresh ideas that will contribute to addressing our skills shortage,” said Allen. 

Ferguson, who speaks Mandarin said he is honoured to be appointed to the board of 

“I have admired for years and I’m excited about the opportunities for Australian workers and businesses in this new global economy. 

“Having lived and studied in Taiwan as a young man, I am passionate about working to champion the special talents of our Australians who have worked, studied or interned abroad. 

“Recognising the enormous value of overseas experience for young Australians, I am a strong supporter of the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan which has enabled 60,000 university students to study, live and work in countries across the Indo-Pacific in the past 5 years.

“I believe we have to help Australian CEOs and headhunters recognise that individuals who have studied or worked globally not only have the networks, language and culture, they have demonstrated courage, drive and determination. 

“Hiring these Australians is the right thing to do. It is good business and it is the right time to be doing it,” he said. 

Yasmin Allen said will continue to expand its efforts during 2020 to drive better collaboration, innovation and investment between global Australians and Australia. 

“We will soon launch a global survey to map the skills of talented Australians working and studying around the world, so we can better connect them to opportunities with Australian companies, both here and abroad,” said Allen. 

“Doug’s appointment supports our deepening global expertise and we look forward to him helping us uncover opportunities in Asian markets and to remain connected with the alumni of Australian universities who have returned home.

“And, his commitment to supporting the next generation of global Australians fits perfectly with our mission,” said Allen.