Australian Expats – On the Road to Ten Thousand!


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Australian Expats – On the Road to Ten Thousand!
‘One Million More’ produces encouraging results
22 August 2006 – Advance, the global network of Australian professionals, is on the hunt for Australia’s large disapora.There are more than one million Australians living abroad, or five percent of the population that was not counted in the National census conducted a fortnight ago.
In an unprecedented move, Advance launched a census of Australians Abroad last week entitled ‘One Million More’. This census focuses on ensuring that Australia’s one million expatriates previously ignored will be represented in 2006.
To date nearly 5,000 Australians have completed the census located at accounting for more than 8,500 Australians overseas. CEO of Advance, Elena Douglas, said she is encouraged by this start and with the momentum that has continued we expect more than 10,000 Australians will participate in what is a ground breaking initiative.
“Although living and working overseas, the expatriate community is very much Australian and proudly declare itself as such. Being some of our brightest and most talented, the expatriate community needs to be included in a census of the Australian population, along with international students and visitors who have a place in the official census forms. ‘One Million More’ gives all Australians the chance to be counted.”
Advance has partnered with the Southern Cross Group and is working with over three hundred overseas Australian business and community groups to ensure that Australians from Beijing to Mumbai to Stockholm, and in everywhere in between, are included.
To date the majority of participants have been from the United States of America and the United Kingdom however Advance is calling for Australians from all over the globe to jump online and help Australia understand more about its offshore population’s economic, housing and lifestyle characteristics. The results of this survey will be analysed by leading demographer, Professor Graeme Hugo, Federation Fellow and Professor of the National Centre for Social Applications of GIS of the University of Adelaide and preliminary results will be available in October 2006.
The survey is available online at until 30 September 2006.
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About Advance
Advance is a community of Australian professionals overseas headquartered in New York City, with established chapters in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and London with several others in formation around the globe. Advance recognises the importance of maintaining connection with the one million Australians in our diaspora making their mark in boardrooms, science laboratories, arts institutions, classrooms and communities worldwide. We provide online and live services and events in major industry sectors, enabling Australians abroad to be informed ambassadors-at-large who open doors and opportunities for Australia and Australians across the globe. Advance is an independent not-for-profit and registered charity in the United States.

About the Southern Cross Group

The Southern Cross Group is an international non-profit volunteer-run and independently-funded

advocacy and support organisation for the Australian diaspora.The SCG takes an inclusive approach in defining the Australian overseas community and works on behalf of everyone in that community, regardless of their age, educational background,occupation, professional status or income. Those who are not technically Australian citizens but who are former citizens or future citizens or otherwise have a very close family connection with Australia are also within the SCG’s constituency. Since its formation in early 2000, the SCG has established a consistent track record of intelligent and timely submissions to Government on a host of Australian expatriate issues,taking the lead in establishing “the Australian diaspora” firmly in Australian domesticconsciousness. The Group is best known for its work in reforming Australian citizenship law.

It has also been active on the issue of expatriate disenfranchisement in the Australianelectoral process, and was the driving force behind the establishment of a broad-based dedicated Federal Senate Committee Inquiry into Australian expatriates held in 2003-2005.The SCG is run by 100 volunteers in 30 countries. It has no formal members or membershipfees. People interested in keeping abreast of the SCG’s activities are invited to sign up to its occasional free e-bulletins.

Author: Katherine O''Regan
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