Meet Professor Gaye Sculthorpe: A Palawa woman from Tasmania who has become an international steward of Australia’s Indigenous cultural heritage.

Get to know our 2022 Global Impact Awardee, Prof Gaye Sculthorpe, as she shares her insight and international career journey as a Professor of Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies. As curator and Head of Oceania at The British Museum in London for the past nine years, Professor Sculthorpe has collaborated internationally on a series of key research projects tracking down Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural materials held in British, Irish and French museums. Between 2016 and 2019, Sculthorpe visited over 45 museums in the UK and Ireland to look at their collections, identifying more than 39,000 artefacts, from all states and territories of Australia. From boomerangs to baskets, fishing hooks to decorative shellwork, as well as contemporary art, the artefacts represent the diversity of Australia’s Indigenous cultural heritage and the legacy of colonialism. Read more.