Meet Dr Lee Rong: A global pioneer of information and communication technologies shaping the future of Industry 4.0.

Get to know our 2022 Technology and Entrepreneurship GameChanger, Dr Lee Rong, as he shares his insight and international career journey in the ICT and Operational Technology sectors. With over 20 years international experience in ICT and Operational Technology, Dr Rong is one of the world’s leading technical and commercial experts on 5G, cloud computing and Industry 4.0. Having studied and worked in the field in Australia, France, Japan, and China, Dr Rong has had a quintessentially global career, which has taken him from academic researcher, to industry expert, and most recently, tech entrepreneur. Always working at the cutting edge of mobile technology development and commercialisation, he has held research, strategy, partnerships and sales roles with some of the world’s leading ICT companies. Read more.