Meet Dr Elizabeth Jens: One of the world’s leading rocket scientists, working on the front line of the international space industry.

Get to know our 2022 Emerging Leader GameChanger, Dr Elizabeth Jens, as she shares her insight and international career journey as a Propulsion and Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Dr Jens helps lead the team working on the design of a new propulsion system to safely land the largest spacecraft ever attempted on Mars. Prior to this, she divided her time between working on a subsystem for the next Mars rover and developing a small propulsion system to enable stand-alone interplanetary SmallSat missions, designing rockets and testing their performance for various potential missions. Recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative engineers, Dr Jens is an inspirational leader who as a child had dreamed of working at NASA and through hard work, talent and perseverance, has made her own dreams come true. Read more.