WellnessTech Project Lead – Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour

The Creative Co-Operative

How to apply:

  • Email a tailored Cover Letter and Resume to [email protected]
  • In the subject, please indicate which project you are applying for.

What does the work entail? 🚀

WellnessTech Project: the first digital mental health wellness tool to support our communities respond to racism anytime, from anywhere. This tool has been co-designed with community and we are currently developing the prototype into an MVP for launch later this year. We want to support >15K women from our communities through this tool. This project is supported by the Victorian State Government.

Responsibilities 👀

Depending on the project, the below will apply:

  • Project management: Level 7 (
  • Portfolio, programme and project support: Level 6 (
  • Product management: Level 6 (

Requirements 🌈

In your Cover Letter, please demonstrate how you meet the below (statistically we know women won’t apply unless they feel they meet every requirement. We’re open to candidates who are willing to learn in order to meet the requirements).

  1. Alignment to our Values (more info below)
  2. Detail-oriented and outputs are of an exceptionally high quality (based on feedback from previous managers or clients)
  3. Analytical – can independently make decisions based on data to drive commercial outcomes without exposing us to unsafe levels of risk (financial, legal, operational or reputational). In other words, ability to look past problems, develop suitable solutions and recommend them to / agree on them with leadership
  4. Successful track record of driving projects to successful completion from start to finish (including scoping projects / work plans), plus strong presentation, reporting and evaluation skills
  5. Ability to build relationships / community and confidently facilitate meetings, discussions and workshops to to help groups work to an understanding or outcome / experience in workshop planning, execution and facilitation
  6. Highly organised with excellent documentation habits with proficiency in Notion, Google Suite and Slack
  7. Advanced communication skills (speak up if there is any issue, before its too late)
  8. Comfort working independently despite the ambiguity of working in an early stage startup where we build systems and processes as we go and the flexibility that comes with that
  9. Minimum 5 years professional or life experience in Project or Product Management including Reporting and Evaluation skills (or if you have less than 5 years experience, tell us why you’re still the best person for the job)

About us ✨

The Creative Co-Operative is Australia’s first startup agency 100% owned, led and operated by Black Women and Women of Colour focused on lifting the economic and social access barriers faced by our communities. Whilst new kids on the block, we’ve already achieved a lot including winning the SmartCompany Smart 50 Awards Community Hero of the Year Award for 2021:

To achieve our ambitious goal of getting $700M into the pockets of Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour in the next 10 years, we look for the following Values in candidates:

  • High performance (the goal’s a big one – we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to serving our community)
  • Flexibility (we’re not a 9 to 5 because we know that that isn’t how community works! However, the beauty of working in a high performance team means everyone is pulling their weight, so no one should need to pull late hours)
  • Community (we measure our value by the happiness of our community. If we’re getting >80 NPS scores – which we are, in fact 87.5% for our last event – it means we are doing the job correctly)
  • Accountability (if we f*ck up, we own up and fix it on time)
  • Responsibility (the work / projects are under our care and we go above and beyond to ensure we’ve covered all bases and acted diligently at all times – we are strict with deadlines and take pride in exceptional quality)

If you’re tired of your hard work making rich institutions richer and looking for meaningful work – then come join us in our mission to be the century’s greatest tech driver in racial equity.

As a social enterprise focussed on employment of the communities we serve, we strongly encourage self-identifying Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour (including Non-Binary and Trans People) to apply for this paid contract position.

If you do not identify with any of the above identities and would instead like to participate in this project Pro Bono as a Co-Conspirator, we would welcome your application as outlined above. Please outline your intention in the email subject line.

To apply for this job email your details to