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Site Reliability Engineer — Bitbucket Cloud


As an Engineer in the Bitbucket Cloud Site Reliability Engineering team, you’ll build solutions to improve availability, performance and stability for the more than 1 million teams and 10 million developers in Bitbucket Cloud as well as automating away repetitive work. You’ll be working on non-production and production environments, monitoring, data collection and configuration management, as well as disaster recovery planning, capacity engineering, reliability improvement initiatives and platform automation. You’ll also respond to pings, pages and alerts to investigate issues in our products that you can really sink your teeth into. The best person for this role is someone that has a collaborative spirit – in our world, it’s not about being a hero and having all the answers, it’s about sometimes saying “I don’t know” and working on finding solutions rather than starting with an assumption. The team needs someone who can ask questions, learn from others and turn chaos into order.

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