Senior Technical Architect


Application architecture design and governance.
Design principles for application solutioning and domain functional design
Governs and steering of individual application and architecture design across all end-user facing application portfolio
Application engineering
Facilitate and assist individual application division to carry out engineering work with enterprise platforms & infrastructure
Operationalize and standardize engineering works within individual application division Cross-division application development
Run cross-cutting engineering programs to standardise application common platforms and create reusable libraries etc..
Cloud and DevSecOps onboarding.
Analyse stakeholder concerns and requirements and recommend technical solutions to meet their business needs
Monitoring system to track compliance with principles and standards
Designing & Developing Client Site Architecture – Microservices, Dotnet & Java
Involve in CI/CD pipeline, MFE deployment
Designing and developing base common UI Framework and widget.
Providing support to enterprise developers on implementing modules.
Code quality Review & cross-browser compatibility review
Implement security measures to protect client data and ensure that applications comply with security standards.
Manage the deliverables and actively involved in all the phases of the software development lifecycle
Involve in Story estimation, project deliverables, and deployment
Handling client-facing activities along with Development.
Stay up-to-date with the latest web development technologies and trends, and incorporate them into the project.

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