Senior Security Engineer


As the company’s first line of defence against unauthorized access from outside sources and potential security threats, you as a Security Engineer have a very important job to do. Not only should you know how to pinpoint any potential threats, but you also know how to plan and prepare before any security threats take place. You would act as an all-in-one security person by implementing and testing strategies, reporting on any incidents for future preparation, keeping track of the status of network security, and educating other employees to raise security awareness.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that our application, its deployment, and integration are completely secure and compliant with modern day security guidelines. Scope of work will be varied across the breadth of the product development and deployment work and you will have to ensure that the product-solution is not vulnerable to any kind of security risk. You will also be responsible for interfacing with third parties to conduct threat assessment and penetration tests and to implement corrective actions. You will also be responsible for learning about specific industry standards (such as medical or government) and driving product compliance to those standards.

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