Senior Editor, The Daily

New York Times

The Daily is hiring a Senior Editor. As one of the top news podcasts, every weekday, The Daily typically tells a single story with nuance, context and depth. The topics vary widely, from breaking down important news moments, to laying out the findings of investigative reporting, to personal stories of people whose lives intersect with the news. The show is insistently flexible about its format, and embraces the challenge of creative experimentation. We are searching for a Senior Editor who can both make episodes of the show at a high level, and have an influential voice in a collaborative environment that makes consistently impactful work, thrives on curiosity, and is tenacious about its shared desire to supersede its own benchmarks of excellence and creativity.

Successful editing on The Daily requires a unique combination of skills. It requires a strong appetite for the news, and an intuitive sense of the news cycle. We make a show with documentary and narrative audio techniques and refinements, but do so, frequently, with the speed and deadlines of a news environment. Editing on the show requires strong long form audio editing abilities. Editors need to be able structure 20-30 minute arcs, editing for turns, stakes, framing, emotion and ideas. They need to have sharp sensibilities about scoring, pacing, details – from the errant breath to a late/early music entrance. Successful editing at The Daily involves sharpening episodes in their conceit, holding an evolving vision, collaborating with reporters, hosts and producers, and being responsible for the very hands-on final phases of bolting together and polishing an episode the day before publication.

We expect Senior Editors to perform all of these functions at a high level – with the leadership, steadiness, independence and excellence.

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