Project Management Lead: Rewards Review

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

MSF is currently developing and implementing new rewards policies and tools to address longstanding problems identified and explored through an extensive process known as the Rewards Review. These new policies and tools are grouped into three Rewards Review deliverables (Minimum Standards for Pay and Benefits; a model for new Staff Groups; and a Global Grading Framework), each of which is made up of several workstreams. The implementation of these new policies and tools will require changes in existing HR practices, support structures and governance and will be implemented over a number of years. Extensive stakeholder engagement and change management activities, essential for the successful implementation, are on-going.
The changes brought about through the Rewards Review will create a rewards system that provides more equity, transparency and consistency. This will better enable MSF to nurture an increasingly diverse workforce with the right balance of skills for today’s operational needs and tomorrow’s humanitarian challenges.
MSF’s leadership (the Full ExCom) have prioritised the Rewards Review as the most important transformational project currently underway. All MSF entities have committed to providing the resources needed to ensure the changes planned are implemented effectively and consistently.

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