Operations Integrator – New Glenn

Blue Origin

This role supports the development and operations of New Glenn, a single-configuration heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of routinely carrying people and payloads to Earth’s orbit and beyond. Engineered with a reusable first stage and a seven-meter payload fairing, New Glenn is building the road to space.

Are you looking to become an operations expert for the New Glenn Upper Stage, and follow the life of the program to integrated test and flight support? We are a small team of passionate experts, each with full ownership over the operations of our respective domains. Our team is looking to hire someone who can take ownership of defining and enforcing the operation of their subsystem. Come join us in this exciting and fast paced role to make a direct impact on the history of human space exploration!

As an operations integrator, you will be the authority on all aspects of your subsystem, including CONOPS, functional architecture, components, software, and integrated interactions. You will follow the development component hardware, autonomous software, and integrated development testing, and will be accountable for feeding forward lessons learned into the integrated operation of your subsystem on the flight vehicle. You will collaborate with the stage-level Vehicle Operations Integration lead, and you will create a comprehensive set of constraints, alerts, and limits for the New Glenn integrated test and launch teams.

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