Nature Repair Committee – Chair and members

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

The Nature Repair Committee

The Nature Repair Committee consists of a part-time chair and four or five part-time members. Each role is appointed by the Minister for the Environment and Water (the minister). The committee will have its own secretariat.


The committee will provide independent expert advice to the minister and Secretary of the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (department). Responsibilities will include:

advising the minister on the development and prioritisation of methodology determinations
monitoring compliance of methodology determinations with biodiversity integrity standards
undertaking periodic reviews and public consultation on key components of the Nature Repair Market.


In addition to the responsibilities of all members of the committee described above, the chair has additional responsibilities, including:

leading the operationalisation of the new committee, including input on processes and procedures
chairing all committee meetings
setting the agenda, and facilitating the proper and effective functioning of the committee, supported by the secretariat
serving as the primary point-of-contact between the committee and the minister, secretary and department and other key stakeholders, ensuring communications with stakeholders are transparent, timely, accurate and relevant
providing authoritative, robust and technical advice to the minister on the integrity of the methodologies, including new methodology development and prioritisation methodology variations and outcomes, and existing methodology reviews
leading public and industry consultation—including with scheme stakeholders—on reviews of methods
serving as the public face of the committee.

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