Nature (Biodiversity, Water and Carbon removals) Director F/M

Schneider Electric

Shape and implement the Group’s biodiversity and water strategy and targets, globally, both for operations and value-chain.
Define the carbon removal strategy and portfolio approach to contribute to the Group net-zero SBTi commitment
Lead the assessment of the Group’s biodiversity and water impacts and the definition and implementation of programs minimizing them and maximizing their biodiversity and water benefits.
Structure the governance and deployment of said strategies, in coordination with all stakeholders (business units, global supply chain, procurement, sales channels, etc.)
Identify and originate pilot projects on biodiversity and water, that are innovative on multiple dimensions, for example define the vision for a regenerative manufacturing site.
Monitor biodiversity and water-related regulation (EU, US, China, India, and other relevant countries), external initiatives and frameworks (COP, SBTN, WBCSD, WEF, B4B+ Club, EU Business @ Biodiversity, etc.), and methods to further develop the Group’s approach to biodiversity and water.
Track progress against objectives and quantify overall carbon credits and removals impact.
Maintain and develop stakeholder relations, authorities included, to advance scientific understanding, support efforts to accelerate deployment, scale robust removal approaches, and enable regenerative businesses.
Lead the Group’s alignment with the reporting regulatory requirements, particularly compliance with the Corporate Sustainability reporting directive (ESRS 3 and 4), GRI, TNFD, etc.

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