MDE System Architect


CSIRO is implementing a comprehensive change and implementation plan that addresses an underlying need for a CSIRO-wide Managed Data Ecosystem (MDE). The development of the change and implementation plan is ensuring that the business requirements and unique needs of the Research Business Units are identified. This is being done through extensive consultation with the Business Units. As key requirements emerge, the MDE project aims to initiate strategic projects to maximise IMT’s impact by delivering enhanced capabilities to the CSIRO researcher, engineer and other staff.

The program is funded until July 2025 however it is very likely the program will either continue or a supplementary program focused on designing and implementing system improvements that make CSIRO’s research data available to its customers will be triggered. As a result it is likely this role will continue past this date.

CSIRO requires the services of an experienced System Architect to bring system level designs across CSIRO’s Information and technology landscape together and where they do not exist, facilitate the development of system level designs in collaboration with the relevant Capability and Technology Leads. The system architect will also derive the application roadmaps and their lifecycle in line with future requirements and in line with the MDE Program’s strategy.

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