Infrastructure Group Directors


Major Projects Directorate, which focuses on accelerating infrastructure build onshore and offshore, supporting the development of nuclear, carbon capture and hydrogen, and creating the right regulatory frameworks to support the development of a new low carbon infrastructure future.
System Planning, Grid Connections and Technology Directorate, focuses on developing national and regional system plans alongside Government and FSO, setting out the Connections action plan and longer-term connections reform, engineering and asset health oversight and driving forward technology/innovation.
Price Controls Directorate, focuses on the setting, operation and monitoring/compliance of the electricity and gas network price controls.
Cyber Directorate, focuses on cyber security and assurance, cyber resilience and how we meet the challenge of opening up data whilst maintaining security.
Energy Systems Management and Security Directorate, focuses on charging and access arrangements, market operations, design, energy security, and new institutions and frameworks required for Net Zero and energy systems regulation.

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