Head of Secretariat

International Cospas-Sarsat Programme

As Head of Secretariat, you will report to the Cospas-Sarsat Council, composed of the four representatives of the Party States. You will also be responsive to the expectations of the Participant States and agencies. Your principal responsibility, as defined under the Programme Agreement is to assist the Council in pursuit of the Programme’s mission, taking direction from the Council in the performance of your functions.

You will manage the Secretariat’s activities, which include, among many other things, personnel, finances, technology (e.g., the Programme’s website, a website for user registration of beacons and other IT systems), organization of frequent Programme conferences, preparation of submissions to conferences and the reports following the events, maintenance of extensive Programme documentation (thousands of pages), assistance to States affiliated with the Programme and other national administrations worldwide, problem resolution for beacon owners attempting registration and governments using the registration database, general correspondence with governments and individuals, and promotion of awareness of the Programme and effective use of the services. You will also assist the Council in determining the strategic directions of the Programme.

The Secretariat staff are from all four Party States. The people that you will supervise and work with generally will be of very high intelligence, with exceptional expertise in specific fields.

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